Look Thin With the Proper Ladies Clothes!

Do you have a few extra pounds under your belt? No problem… You can easily camouflage yourself with the right ladies clothes … until you lose these bad boys. There are small details in the color, the shape and the size of different clothes and accessories which can make you look more delicate and smooth your silhouette.Try wearing monochrome clothes! If you use break up your silhouette with different colors, you are basically emphasizing that this is something you are trying to hide. Try to dress in neutral tones, and enrich your clothing with impressive jewelry and shoes, in order to create a great stylish look from the head to toes. Fortunately, us ladies have a lot to choose from, don’t we?Black is definitely your best ally when it comes to showing more subtle.You need to combine different fabrics, like velvet with satin, to break the lot of blackness.If your jeans cause shortness of breath, don’t sweat it, just buy a larger size.There is nothing worse than a lady’s body crammed into a pair of jeans ready to burst.Leggings and tights with embedded latex is a great way to cover that extra weight so that you can wear the best ladies clothes and dresses, or skirts and trousers.Large handbags make you look thinner. If you use a small bag, try holding a larger and more spacious one for a change… You’ll notice that it is more practical as well.If you want to look taller, then the right choice of clothes alone won’t cut it! The right hair style is vital. An exciting pony tail or great curls will definitely draw attention to you. You can wear also accessorize your hair with flashy headbands or colorful hair pins. The more accessories in general, the better, and when it comes to styling your hair… there is no such thing as overdoing it!Avoid wearing those big heavy jackets and coats that tend to come out during the winter. We don’t want you to freeze or anything, however, it’s best to get dressed in layers, with a tight sweater over a thin shirt, with a nice jacket on top and a nice scarf on the neck.If your biggest problem is from the waist and up, you should trying wearing a skirt with a nice belt. If it’s from the waist down, the best solution is a beautiful blouse with wide shoulders, bundled with a striking necklace and a light scarf.That’s all! Now go out and dress to impress!Trust me girls,
Sarah Pucci